Are you currently looking to make your customer onboarding smoother, faster and more secure? Let's chat about how the Automated Identity Verification Platform from PXL Vision transforms customer onboarding. 

Why PXL?

  • With only 30 seconds to complete an identity verification, the UX with PXL Vision is the fastest and easiest on the market.
  • PXL Vision's automated identity verification can be flexibly integrated into any business process.
  • With high verification rates and few dropouts, we achieve increased conversion rates compared to other Identity Verification methods. 

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Our key research and development areas:

  • Deep Learning algorithms for Computer Vision: Perform face verification, liveness detection & text extraction
  • Image matching and classification: Recognize documents types and faces
  • Object detection and tracking: User guidance while scanning documents
  • Object recognition and classification: Determine the validity of document security features
  • Optical character recognition (OCR): Extract text from documents