What are the benefits of online identity verification for insurance companies?

4 billion euros in growth potential and 14 billion euros in possible cost savings result from digitalization measures for non-life insurers alone*. Our guide shows you the key factors for digitalization and identity verification in the insurance industry.

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Offer best-in-class user experience

Know and meet your customers' expectations. Build a secure relationship and stand out from your competitors.


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Streamline processes and shorten the sales cycle

Online identity verification supports insurers' strategic goals: multi-channel sales, efficiency gains when processing benefits, added security, expansion of online or app sales.


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Gain a competitive edge

Learn how the three standard identity verification processes for insurers differ and get to know the advantages and disadvantages associated with each.


Takeaways from our guide

The most important aspects of digitalization for insurers and the role of online identity verification

Right-TickThe product expectations of insurance customers

Right-TickMarket-based insight into the digitalization of insurances in Germany

Right-TickThe important role digital identity verification plays for insurers

Right-TickInsight on how to reduce costs and increase sales

Right-TickThe best software solutions to meet the advances of the insurance industry

Right-TickThe tradeoffs between security and usability

Right-TickComparisons of most commonly used remote identity verification methods in the insurance industry

Right-TickRelevant use cases and practical applications for identity verification

Thanks to PXL Vision, not only have we massively simplified our identity verification process, we have also greatly improved its overall quality. This was our exact goal. 

Fabian Baldinger, Business Analyst and Project Lead, Swiss Life

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*Source: Bitkom, Bürger erwarten Digitalisierung der Versicherungsbranche, 2020