Achieve business goals in the financial sector with identity verification

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Identify your potential savings that could be realized through automated IDV using a concrete example calculation.

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Learn how to evaluate different IDV procedures from a compliance and business perspective.

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Find out what to look for when implementing an IDV solution with a field report and FAQs.

Automated identity verification for financial service providers

This whitepaper is designed to help you get an overview of the opportunities for an automated IDV solution.
It includes the following topics:

Right-TickChallenges of digitalization in the financial sector

Right-TickDetailed costing of lost profits in the lack of contract automation

Right-TickSound advice on how to minimize dropouts and increase completions

Right-TickDifferent identification methods and their potential in digital processes

Right-TickProductive integration of identity verification into existing processes

Right-TickImportant regulations and certifications for automatic identity verification

Right-TickExemplary case study of a bank that has switched to a digital identification process

Right-TickAnswering the three most frequently asked questions from customers in the financial sector

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